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Urologist Louisville

From routine management of painful urinary tract infections to state-of-the-art robotic cancer surgery, the doctors of UofL Physicians–Urology offer the full range of urological care for children and adults. A pioneer in robotic-assisted urologic surgery, UofL Physicians–Urology provides treatments that are difficult to find elsewhere in the Louisville region, including minimally invasive surgery, trauma surgery and reconstructionas well as the finest in highly skilled general and pediatric urological management.

Formerly known as University Urologists PLLC, our Louisville urologists combine leading edge patient care with the dedication to deliver the finest in customer service. Our physicians listen to the needs and concerns of each patient and their families. We are teachers and researchers with the University of Louisville, so we also understand the importance of explaining every step in the process. Our patients and their families are partners with our physicians in the development of their health care plan.

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Urology Disorders Louisville

The UofL Physicians–Urology practice treats the full range or urological disorders, including:  

  • Bladder problems
  • Urinary tract disorders, including urinary frequency, urgency, incontinence and pain
  • Kidney disorders, including kidney stones
  • Disorders of the adrenal glands
  • Disorders of the male reproductive system, including enlarged prostate
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Pediatric urological problems
  • Urologic cancer
  • Trauma and reconstruction
  • Erectile Dysfunction

To view a listing of pediatric urology testing services available at our practice, click here.

Urology Treatments Louisville

General urology

UofL Physicians-Urology provides medical management and surgical treatment, for disorders of the bladder, kidneys, gall bladder, urinary tract and the male reproductive system, as well as elective procedures such as vasectomies.

Pediatric urology

The practice provides treatment of urological disorders and congenital abnormalities in children, including minimally invasive and robotic procedures by a fellowship trained pediatric urologist. To view a listing of pediatric urology testing services available at our practice, click here. To learn more about UofL Physicians - Pediatric Urology, visit


UofL Physicians – Urology is at the forefront of minimally invasive surgical options for a variety of male and female urologic conditions including urinary stone disease, adrenal disorders and kidney, bladder and prostate cancer. Minimally invasive surgery offers both adult and pediatric patients shorter hospitalizations and a reduction in recovery time. 

  • Additional benefits of minimally invasive surgery:
  • Shorter operation time
  • Less blood loss
  • Reduced pain and use of pain medications
  • Minimal incisions and smaller scars

Urologic cancer treatment

UofL Physicians–Urology offers surgery and medical management of cancer of the bladder, kidney, urethra, prostate and testicles by a fellowship trained urologic oncologist who provides treatment at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center in a multidisciplinary setting.

Urologic trauma and reconstruction

Our practice offers the only fellowship-trained trauma and reconstruction specialist in the multistate region. A highly specialized field of urology, reconstructive urology restores functionality to various structures of the genitourinary tract. Prostate procedures, trauma (auto accidents, gunshot wounds, industrial accidents, straddle injuries, etc.), disease, obstructions, blockages (e.g., urethral strictures), and occasionally, childbirth, can require reconstructive surgery.

Robotic-Assisted Surgery

UofL Physicians – Urology offers minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery options for a variety of male and female urologic conditions. Revolutionary surgeries performed with the da Vinci® robot surgery system include: radical cystectomy, prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, pyeloplasty and ureteral reimplantation. Robotic-assisted surgery options are available for both adults and pediatric patients. 

Single-Port Laparoscopic Surgery

Single-port laparoscopic surgery is literally performed through a single port or incision in a patient’s umbilicus (belly button). Our surgeons are among only a handful across the nation now performing these procedures. In fact, we were the first in Louisville to remove a kidney using a keyhole incision in the belly button.


Urodynamic studies are among the most definitive test for diagnosing the source of symptoms involving the lower urinary tract, including the bladder and urethra. These tests help determine the anatomic or neurologic source of symptoms such as leakage, frequent urination, problems starting a stream, dribbling, painful urination, problems completely emptying the bladder and recurrent urinary tract infections. This testing can be performed in our office by our urodynamicist.

Biofeedback for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction refers to a number of conditions that impact muscles associated with bowel and bladder control, pelvic and spinal support and sexual functioning. These conditions include: overactive bladder syndrome (urinary urgency), bowel and bladder incontinence (leakage), chronic constipation, management of prostatectomy before and after surgery, detrusor instability (bladder spasms) and pelvic pain. 

Biofeedback is a painless process that uses special sensors and a computer monitor to display information about the patient’s muscle activity. This helps the patient gain sensitivity and, with practice, control over pelvic floor muscle function. 

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Offices and Clinics

  • Urology at UofL Physicians Outpatient Center (Adults)
    401 E. Chestnut St.
    Suite 520
    Louisville, Kentucky 40202
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  • James Graham Brown Cancer Center
    529 S. Jackson St.
    2nd Floor
    Louisville, Kentucky 40202
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  • UofL Physicians - Pediatric Urology
    234 E. Gray St.
    Suite 662
    Louisville, Kentucky 40202
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Hospital Affiliations

  • University of Louisville Hospital
  • James Graham Brown Cancer Center
  • Jewish Hospital
  • Norton Hospitals
  • Norton Children’s Hospital
  • Baptist Hospital East
  • Robley Rex VA Medical Center
  • Norton Children's Medical Center Brownsboro

The UofL Physicians–Urology practice currently counts among its members’ distinguished specialists in pediatric urology, urologic oncology, endourology and minimally invasive urological surgery.

Our Louisville urologists have trained and completed advanced study fellowships at some of the finest medical schools in the world.

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