Throat Cancer

As the longest-running multidisciplinary clinic in Louisville, the head and neck cancer team at the UofL Brown Cancer Center brings together a team of experts to treat cancers of the throat with cutting-edge techniques and therapies. 

Our expert team includes radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, surgeons, dentists, speech pathologists and nutritionists. These specially trained experts customize your care, including the most advanced therapies with the least impact on your body.  Our head and neck cancer doctors don’t just specialize in cancer; they specialize specifically in treatment of throat cancer.

At UofL Brown Cancer Center, your care for throat cancer is personalized and may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or other treatments such as targeted therapies or immunotherapy. We utilize treatments that have allowed many patients to avoid radical surgery. If surgery is part of your treatment, you can count on our nationally recognized surgeons, who use some of the latest, least-invasive techniques. 

Throat cancer and its treatment can affect talking, swallowing, eating and breathing. Our speech pathologists, nutritionists and cancer rehab physicians are involved in your care from the very beginning, to minimize the long-term effects of treatment and promote strength and well-being during treatment. 

At UofL Brown Cancer Center, we treat all of you, not just your cancer. 

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