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Sports Medicine


At UofL Health – Sports Medicine, we know that an active lifestyle is important to you, and we want to ensure you stay healthy to enjoy it. All active individuals can benefit from the same treatment principles used to return high-profile athletes to play. The weekend warrior with a shoulder injury from softball or a sore knee from running deserves the same high-quality care as an elite marathoner or college basketball player. We also take care of “industrial athletes” – those in physically demanding workplaces – and many Louisville employers have recognized that comprehensive treatment of their injured workers will speed their return to work.

Our board-certified sports medicine physicians treat a wide variety of injuries and illnesses common to athletes and other active people. The underlying belief is that physical activity is essential to the health of all people, and sports medicine physicians are dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Athletes represent a special population of active individuals with additional goals and physical demands specific to their chosen sport. Having a complete understanding of the nature of sport is needed to safely return an injured athlete to play as soon as possible or to optimize the athlete’s fitness in order to reach full potential. UofL Physicians-Sports Medicine physicians are specially trained to do these things.

UofL Health – Sports Medicine works directly with University of Louisville NCAA Division-I athletes in all sports, as well as athletes at Spalding University (Division-III). Our physicians also serve the community through providing medical care as Team Physician for local high schools, as well as Mass Event Coverage including the Louisville Triple Crown of Running and the Ironman competition.

Have the competitive advantage… Choose the one who helps athletes take on injuries. And win! 

Don’t let a sports injury take away your competitive edge. Turn to UofL Health – Sports Medicine for the area’s leading orthopedic surgeons, advanced diagnostics, world-renowned UofL Health – Frazier Rehab Institute, and convenient emergency care locations. With individualized and group programs available, we are here to help you be your personal best. 

Call 502-63-SPORT (77678) to schedule an appointment with UofL Health – Sports Medicine. Telehealth appointments are also available.

Diseases & Conditions

UofL Health – Sports Medicine provides treatment and prevention services for injuries related to sports and exercise. Some of the most common sports and active lifestyle injuries include:

Acute injuries

Concussions, sprains and strains, pulled muscles, minor trauma. Examples include pulled hamstrings, ankle sprains and acute knee injuries.

Chronic injuries

Nagging tendon issues, shin splints, tennis elbow and rotator cuff problems.

Pediatric injuries

Our physicians specialize not only in concussion management, but injuries unique to children such as spondylolysis, Osgood-Schlatter and Little League elbow.

Tendinitis and tendinopathy

Chronic tendon problems can be among the most frustrating injuries. We have extensive experience treating issues with the rotator cuff, Achilles and patella tendons. We offer musculoskeletal ultrasound to further image these problems and offer novel medical treatments and injection therapies.

Shoulder problems

Rotator cuff tears and tendonitis, impingement and bursitis.

Foot and ankle problems

Plantar fasciitis, chronic foot pain and Achilles tendinitis.

Running injuries

Shin splints, stress fractures, IT Band problems and Exertional Compartment Syndrome.


Our physicians have extensive experience in concussion management and helped develop the treatment plans used for inter-collegiate athletes.

Problems unique to the athlete

Female athlete triad, overtraining syndrome and the evaluation of the underperforming athlete.

Treatments & Services

Runner’s Edge Program

Running is a demanding activity requiring a balance of repetitive force production and shock absorption.  The causes of running related injuries are multifactorial. Both intrinsic factors (age, gender, body type, training level, conditioning, flexibility) and extrinsic factors (weather, running surface, training course, running shoes) play a role in how well your body adapts to the demands imposed upon it. Whether you are an Olympic caliber runner or just run to maintain your health, don’t let the demands of your activity get you down. Our Runner’s Edge program is designed to evaluate and improve the efficiency of your body, allowing you to improve your performance and decrease the risk of injury.

Our licensed professionals are uniquely trained to evaluate your risk for injury and to develop and individualized plan to help you avoid these pitfalls and maximize your ability to keep on moving.

The Runner’s Edge program includes:

Basic Assessment Package – 60-minute session for $120

Assessment by a licensed rehabilitation professional includes:

  •       Functional Movement Screening
  •       Y Balance Test
  •       3 Dimensional Video Analysis
  •       Overview of results with customized corrective exercises

45-minute, Individual training session for $60

45-minute, Group of three training sessions for $150

Schedule an appointment today. Call 502-63-SPORT(77678)

Golf Performance Program

Physical limitations in joint and tissue motion, strength deficits and balance impairments can negatively impact a golf swing at any level. Gaining a balance between strength, range of motion, and swing technique, can improve anyone’s game. With staff trained in the world’s leading golf performance systems, we offer a variety of programs to enhance your overall fitness and address the physical performance needs specific to the game of golf.

Golfers of all ages and ability levels will benefit from medically supervised training programs designed to improve physical deficits that are affecting their swings. Have you have been previously injured and would like to return to golf or experience discomfort during or after a round of golf? Our licensed professionals will help you get back in the game. In collaboration with your golf professional who can provide game management and swing instruction, we will enhance your ability to perform and get the most out of your game.

Premier Assessment Package: $350 (90-minutes) Physical assessment, fitness assessment, video assessment of your swing, nutrition counseling, review of physical deficits and how they relate to your swing characteristics, overview of corrective exercises to address your individual needs.

Basic Assessment Package: $150 (45-minutes) Physical assessment, video assessment, review of physical deficits and how they relate to your swing characteristics.

Individual Training Session: $75 (45-minutes) Customized training to improve your physical deficits.

Three Individual Training Sessions Package: $200 (45-minutes)

Team Assessment and Training Package Discounts are Available.

UofL Health – Sports Medicine Urgent Care Clinic

The Sports Medicine Urgent Care Clinic at UofL Health – Medical Center Northeast. We specialize in after-hours care of sports injuries of all types. Walk-ins are welcome and no appointment is necessary. View our hours, or call 1-844-603-8014 for more information.

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Martin Steltenpohl, PT, DPT

Specialty Areas: Sports Medicine
Areas of Interest: Orthopedics | Sports Medicine | Functional Dry Needling

Primary Practice Location

UofL Physicians – Orthopedic Group
130 Stonecrest Road, Suite 106
Shelbyville, KY 40065
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Jonathan A. Becker, MD

Specialty Areas: Primary Care | Sports Medicine | Family Medicine
Areas of Interest: Family Medicine | Sports Medicine

Primary Practice Location

UofL Physicians – Family Medicine Centers for Primary Care
Cardinal Station
215 Central Avenue, Suite 205
Louisville, KY 40208
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Branden Bell, PT, DPT

Specialty Areas: Sports Medicine
Areas of Interest: Sports Medicine PT | Injury Screening | Performance Improvement | Running/Gait Assessment

Primary Practice Location

UofL Health – Frazier Rehab Institute – Sports Medicine
UofL Health - Rudd Heart and Lung Center
201 Abraham Flexner Way, Suite 102
Louisville, KY 40202
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Brittany Wilbert, PT, DPT

Specialty Areas: Sports Medicine
Areas of Interest: Orthopedics and Sports PT | Injury Prevention and Screening

Primary Practice Location

UofL Health – Frazier Rehab Institute – Southwest
6801 Dixie Highway, Suite 129
Louisville, KY 40258
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Logan Mast, M.D.

Specialty Areas: Orthopedics | Sports Medicine
Areas of Interest: Orthopedic Sports Medicine | ACL & Knee Surgery | Shoulder Surgery | Hip Arthroscopy & Sports Hernia Repair

Primary Practice Location

UofL Physicians – Orthopedics
UofL Health - Medical Center East
3920 Dutchmans Lane, Suite 310
Louisville, KY 40207
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Jon Holland, PT, OCS

Specialty Areas: Sports Medicine
Areas of Interest: Orthopedics and Sports PT | Trigger Point Dry Needling | Injury Prevention and Screening | Running and Gait Analysis

Primary Practice Location

UofL Health – Frazier Rehab Institute – Sports Medicine
UofL Health - Rudd Heart and Lung Center
201 Abraham Flexner Way, Suite 102
Louisville, KY 40202

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