Video: UofL Today with Dr. Anthony Dragun, breast cancer treatment

Published on April 20, 2016

Dr. Anthony Dragun, a radiation oncologist with UofL Physicians at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, is giving early-stage breast cancer patients the chance to get treatment in one day instead of multiple treatments over several weeks.

This accelerated radiation therapy treatment is delivered during a lumpectomy surgery for early-stage breast cancer. It adds 15-20 minutes onto the surgery.

One of the biggest barriers to current breast cancer treatment is the time commitment. Patients must come in to the cancer center for treatment five days a week, for up to seven weeks after surgery. This technology removes that inconvenience and also eliminates typical radiation therapy side effects. Some patients require supplementary radiation therapy, but most of the time the patients are done once this treatment is completed during surgery.

Patients interested in learning more should reach out to Dr. Dragun after a biopsy is completed and before surgery is scheduled to find out if you're eligible.

Watch the video to learn more, and call UofL Physicians - Radiation Oncology at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center at 502-562-4757.