UofL optometrist helping the impaired drive

Published on February 28, 2018

Most teenagers look forward to obtaining their driver’s license when they turn 16, but driving seemed out of reach for Kennedy Raley. The college freshman has Stargardt Disease, a congenital eye condition that causes her to have a blind spot in the center of her vision.

With the help of Andrea Smith-Gray, O.D., however, Raley has her driver’s license and the freedom and independence that goes with it. Dr. Smith-Gray is an optometrist with UofL Physicians Eye Specialists who fits qualifying visually impaired individuals with bioptic telescopes, enabling them to drive safely. Smith-Gray is the only optometrist in Louisville who is fitting individuals with the devices, which are standard eyeglasses with a tiny telescope mounted on the front that magnifies road signs and objects directly in front of the driver.

Bioptic lenses also can enable visually impaired people in other tasks that require magnification of details.

Visually impaired drivers who hope to take advantage of bioptic driving must meet minimum vision requirements and pass a series of assessment tests, followed by behind-the-wheel training with a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist while using the bioptic telscope.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith-Gray, call the UofL Physicians Eye Specialists at 502-588-0550.