Breast Cancer

When you are treated for breast cancer at the UofL Brown Cancer Center, you benefit from the expertise of Kentucky’s first and longest-accredited program by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers - experience and expertise you will not find elsewhere in the city or region.

The UofL Brown Cancer Center breast team includes top physicians dedicated to breast cancer treatment.  Included are medical oncologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons and radiation oncologists who specialize in the treatment of breast cancer and collaborate on each patient to ensure treatment is the most up-to-date and appropriate for the best outcome.

Unlike elsewhere in the region, our doctors concentrate specifically on breast cancer, and therefore are able to offer the most up-to-date, personalized treatment options. 

All breast cancer patients have their care coordinated among the physicians in our multidisciplinary breast cancer clinic. Our dedicated mammographers are skilled in the latest screening technology, and physician-directed ultrasound ensures the most accurate and least-invasive diagnostic options.

Our specialty trained pathologist’s level of expertise allows both in-depth diagnosis and the ability to identify specific genetic and pathological features that guide the team toward the most effective, targeted and least-invasive treatment options possible.

Our skilled plastic surgeons offer multiple reconstruction options, using innovative procedures that focus on quality of life. A specially trained support team, including nurses, dietitians and therapists, helps ensure personalized, coordinated breast cancer care.

Special clinics focus on caring for patients with particular needs, including women with inflammatory breast cancer and young women (HER program).

We also have extensive expertise in treating breast cancer during pregnancy and helping women preserve fertility after breast cancer treatment.

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