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Six helpful heart health tips for women

Heart disease is the nation’s leading killer of women. More women die of heart disease than all other cancers combined. At some point in their lives, 90% of women will experience one or more symptoms of heart disease. Hence, women need to recognize the risk factors causing cardiovascular disease to effectively prevent it. Below are…
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What is an eating disorder?

As February comes to an end, UofL Health recognizes National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and the need to spread messages of awareness, support and hope to people with eating disorders and their loved ones. What are eating disorders? Eating disorders are a diverse set of serious yet treatable mental and physical illnesses that affect people…
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Seven great benefits to cold-weather workouts  

When the thermostat descends and the days grow shorter and darker, it’s tempting to want to peek back under the covers and hibernate. But maintaining an exercise routine throughout the winter offers tangible health benefits. You burn more calories. As the body works harder to regulate its core temperature among the elements, you’ll burn a…
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Stroke: Every moment counts

When it comes to a stroke, recognizing the symptoms can make all the difference. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is cut off  When this happens, brain cells can die or be damaged. As a stroke happens, there are signs and recognizing these signs can help increase your chance of recovery. In…
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COVID-19 and fall travel: Five tips for a safe trip

For many families, fall offers a great time to travel with beautiful weather. The COVID-19 pandemic is now challenging people to consider their risk and how to travel safely before leaving home. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers travel information meant to keep you and the people around you safe. Regulations and state-to-state travel…
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