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Six tips for managing chemo brain

People sometimes develop what is called chemo brain or brain fog during or after treatment. Chemo brain is a cognitive change where patients can be more forgetful, have difficulty focusing, may be slower to respond and have trouble finding words. This can be caused by chemotherapy, radiation, or the cancer itself. These symptoms can fade…
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Rehabilitation for cancer survivors

Rehabilitation isn’t only for older people or those who are recovering from injuries. Rehabilitation can benefit you in many ways through physical, occupational and speech therapies. During the course of your cancer journey, you may experience a lot of changes, some physical and some mental. Specialized cancer rehabilitation can help assist you in moving forward…
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Oral hygiene tips for cancer patients

Oral hygiene is important, but it’s even more important when you’re facing a cancer diagnosis. Your treatment may cause side effects that affect your mouth including dry mouth and mouth sores. Taking the proper steps to care for your mouth can lessen the chances of infection and maintain a healthy smile. Oral Hygiene Tips for…
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