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Coping with anxiety

Anxiety is a physically and emotionally uncomfortable experience that generally makes someone want to escape the anxiety-provoking situation as quickly as possible. Anxiety is the most common behavioral health complaint across development. A little bit of anxiety can actually help people stay alert and focused and can also help children behave in a safe way….
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Summer car safety tips

Every summer, children die from heat stroke because they are unintentionally left in a hot car, with the majority of these deaths occurring in children age 3 and under. I¬†want to remind parents and others they should never leave a child in a car unattended. Infants and small children are not able to regulate their…
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Tips for feeding your infant or toddler

When caring for a newborn, feeding is probably the single most important thing that parents do for their infant. Feeding is therefore very tightly bound up in our feelings about parenting from the very beginning. Recommendations for feeding infants usually consist of exclusive breastfeeding (or exclusive formula feeding if breastfeeding is not possible) until approximately…
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