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My head hurts! Could this be a migraine?

Those with migraines know the headaches can be debilitating, slow their productivity and hurt their quality of life. About 28 million Americans suffer from migraines so they are not alone. One in four households has at least one migraine sufferer. These migraines can last for two to 72 hours and include throbbing pain so managing…
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I’m a survivor. Shouldn’t I be happy?

Dealing with post-treatment stress, anxiety, guilt and fear of recurrence After cancer treatment, most patients go into a stage of healing and recovery. You no longer are overwhelmed with appointments, treatments, scans, and blood draws. This allows for time to reflect, which may stir up a number of mixed emotions. You might feel obligated to…
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What about the caregiver?

Being a caregiver is hard! There are a variety of challenges a caregiver faces daily from numerous appointments to the constant uncertainty if the decisions you are making for your loved one are the best option. Life can be stressful with the everyday routines that require bathing, dressing, feeding, and medication monitoring. When is a…
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