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Did you hear that?

Are you able to hear the punch line of the joke while in a group of people? Can you hear others on the opposite side of the dinner table? What about the actor’s lines during the play, did you hear those? We call your attention to this because hearing is essential. It’s essential in our…
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Tips for protecting your hearing this July 4th

The July 4th holiday is full of meaning and celebration. If you plan on enjoying a concert or fireworks show this July 4th, take note of these tips to help protect your hearing.     Worried about your hearing? Schedule a hearing consult with UofL Physicians-Audiology today.   SOURCE: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Celebrate the sounds of the holidays

When you think of the sounds of the holiday season, what comes to mind? Joyous music, conversations and gatherings of friends and family? What about those holiday dinners full of laughter and good food or even clanking glasses to celebrate the season? Those sounds are the zest of life, but if a loved one has…
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