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What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder in which the ovaries produce an abnormal amount of small cysts and abnormal androgen (male hormone) levels. A cyst can develop when the body doesn’t produce enough hormones for ovulation. PCOS is very common and can be hereditary. Symptoms of PCOS are not one and the same….
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I’m so confused: I don’t get a pap every year?

For most women, the concept of a yearly pap test has been ingrained in us from our teenage years. It was the welcome to being a woman: a trip to the gynecologist, speculum exam and pap test starting at 18, or earlier for some. From 1987-2002, the yearly pap was dogma. However, everything started changing…
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“Below the Belt” cancers need our attention!

September marks Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month – a time to raise awareness for ovarian, uterine, cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancers. In the United States, more than 107,000 women will be diagnosed with gynecologic cancer this year. For many years, awareness campaigns have focused on ovarian cancer awareness.  Although ovarian cancer has the highest rate of…
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