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COVID-19 and fall travel: Five tips for a safe trip

For many families, fall offers a great time to travel with beautiful weather. The COVID-19 pandemic is now challenging people to consider their risk and how to travel safely before leaving home. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers travel information meant to keep you and the people around you safe. Regulations and state-to-state travel…
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COVID-19’s impact on heart health

Despite what it might feel like, we’re still early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, so we don’t know yet what the long-term impacts of the virus will be. As a cardiac surgeon, I am worried about what COVID-19 is doing to heart cells. Studies show the virus is attacking heart cells similar to what it’s…
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Dating in the time of COVID

Dating is never easy and it’s harder than ever during a pandemic. As with other interactions in life, taking advantage of technology and planning for safety is key. Dating apps and ways to connect virtually should be the first step. If you hit it off, the next step is a virtual discussion to vet your…
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