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Father is sending his sad daughter to school for first time and trying to relax her

How to calm first day of school nerves

Many parents and children dread the first day of school with jitters about separation from each other. Children are nervous about being away from their parents, in a new surrounding, having to make new friends, and about being around many new people including teachers and other children, many of whom are also uneasy about their…
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Tips for a safe fireworks season

As families in Kentucky and Indiana get ready for a special Fourth of July celebrating our nation’s birthday, UofL Physicians – Eye Specialists highlights the importance for everyone to practice proper fireworks safety. Ocular injuries related to fireworks can often be devastating. A fireworks blast can rupture the globe, cause chemical and thermal burns, corneal abrasions,…
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Practice water safety this summer season

Summer is a time when people want to get outdoors, enjoy the warm weather and the many activities that go along with it. Unfortunately, summer is also considered trauma season for these very reasons as well – an increased number of people outdoors participating in potentially dangerous activities. But we want everyone to be safe…
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Important facts about measles

We have all heard the recent buzz on measles in the news.  But what is the measles and should I be paying attention to this buzz? Measles used to be a disease that nearly all children got by their 15 birthday.  Before a vaccine became available in 1963, it is estimated 3-4 million people in…
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What is autism?

When I was asked to write a blog about Autism for National Autism Awareness Month (April), I thought it sounded like a neat idea. As I was trying to figure out what to write, I thought about what people might want to know about Autism and where to get help. So here goes: The term…
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