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Is it allergies or a sinus infection?

Louisville is consistently ranked in the top three of worst cities for allergy sufferers, and with the weather dramatically changing this can lead to a spike in allergy and sinus symptoms. Ultimately inflammation is the cause of these symptoms, but when do you need an antibiotic or even systemic steroids? It can be difficult to…
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Spring is here, but so is the pollen

Spring has arrived. That means spring pollen season is here! Louisville is consistently named one of the worst cities for spring and fall allergies by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The culprit for helping make us the worst city for spring allergies is pollen. Pollen from trees is the predominant outdoor allergen. You…
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Tips for feeding your infant or toddler

When caring for a newborn, feeding is probably the single most important thing that parents do for their infant. Feeding is therefore very tightly bound up in our feelings about parenting from the very beginning. Recommendations for feeding infants usually consist of exclusive breastfeeding (or exclusive formula feeding if breastfeeding is not possible) until approximately…
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