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What you need to know about IBD

True or False? 1. There are up to 1.4 million people in the U.S. who have inflammatory bowel disease and at least 140,000 of them are under the age of 18. True or false? 2. Inflammatory bowel disease is an inherited condition. True or false? 3. The treatment of IBD is the same for both children…
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Take one daily. Or should you?

Multivitamins come in all shapes, flavors and now you can chew a gummy instead of swallow a pill. Recently, a series of studies in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggested that multivitamins don’t benefit your health. But Diana Pantalos, R.D., a nutritionist at Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center in the Department of Pediatrics at UofL, says…
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What’s your risk for kidney disease?

Kidney disease might not get as much attention as other diseases, but it’s a widespread problem that affects many people with common issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Each year, it kills more people than breast and prostate cancer combined. More than 26 million Americans, or 13 percent of the U.S. adult population,…
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