Posts By: Whitney Pitman, APRN

Recipe: Healthy Apple Crunch

Ingredients: 1 sliced apple 2 tablespoons melted peanut butter (can substitute almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter or honey) 2 tablespoons whole grain granola 1 tablespoon chocolate chips Instructions: Slice apple. Melt peanut butter (or alternative) and drizzle over apple. Sprinkle granola and chocolate chips over the top.

The caregiver: An unsung health care hero

Caregivers have been described as the “unsung heroes” of our health care system: they are untrained, unpaid and sacrifice so much of their own time to help their loved ones. The role of a caregiver may include providing emotional support, transportation, preparing meals, completing household chores and overseeing finances. Being a caregiver can be difficult….
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Breast Cancer Survivorship: What should I do next?

After battling a breast cancer diagnosis and completing treatment, many women find themselves asking, “what next?” It’s a big transition to go from visiting your physician every week or so to every three to six months, and this change can leave many breast cancer survivors feeling unsure and unsettled. So what can you do to…
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