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To make an appointment with the Bingham Clinic, call 502-588-0800. After hours (after 5 p.m. and on weekend), please call Norton Children's Hospital at 502-629-6000.

Mental health is fundamental to overall child wellbeing. The recognition of the importance of emotional and behavioral health for children was identified by the UofL Physicians -Bingham Clinic in 1913 when it was founded, making it one of the oldest child guidance centers in the country. Formerly known as the Bingham Child Guidance Center, the clinic provides a continuum of outpatient assessment and treatment services for the range of psychiatric conditions of children and adolescents. When treatment cannot be provided in the clinic, referrals to appropriate resources are made.

The clinicians at UofL Physicians - Bingham Clinic understand that most children experience challenges as they grow from infancy to adolescent. Yet the clinic takes the perspective that while every child is unique and special, he or she often encounters common challenges that can lead to problematic feelings and behaviors. The child’s family often observes these problems firsthand, is most affected by them, and has the most power to help the child change. The clinic adopts a family-oriented approach to solving clinical problems.

As the main teaching site for the University of Louisville Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, education permeates all aspects of the clinic’s activities. The clinic has trained many of the practitioners of child and adolescent mental health in the community and these individuals are referral sources, and continue to accept our referrals. Academic visitors from universities throughout the country enrich the teaching environment of the clinic, keeping approaches up to date, focused and effective. The clinic offers frequent lectures for the university-wide community, as well as the Louisville community.

Bingham Clinic Treatment

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Autism
  • Disruptive behavior disorders
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, ADHD)
  • Behavior problems of adolescents
  • Psychological problems of chronic illness

Louisville Psycotherapy Treatment

All treatment is based on the foundation of a careful diagnostic assessment. Each child is seen by a trained mental health clinician to review presenting symptoms, course of illness, associated living problems and the family’s perspective. After this assessment, the child's treatment plan is developed, involving individual and family-based treatment programs, as well as referrals to other areas of the medical center as needed.

These treatments include: individual psychotherapy with a cognitive restructuring focus; family therapy, helping families change interaction patterns; parent management training, instructing parents in developmentally tailored principles of child management; pharmacotherapy, using up-to-date medications to modify behavior when the empirical evidence indicates it is appropriate.

The clinic’s rich and long-standing relationship with Norton Children’s Hospital provides acute inpatient care when this is indicated. Children with medical problems are often seen in the hospital where care is provided, and an appropriate outpatient care plan is developed. Physicians in the clinic also provide consultation to the Kentucky’s Juvenile Justice System and Jefferson County Public Schools. Other therapies include behavior therapy, problem-solving therapies and psychodynamic therapies or duties.

Physicians in this practice may not see patients at all locations listed below. For details, please call the appointment line for the location you are interested in visiting.

After hours (after 5 p.m. and on weekend), please call Norton Children's Hospital at 502-629-6000.


Offices and Clinics

  • Bingham Clinic - Norton Hospital
    200 E. Chestnut St.
    Louisville, Kentucky 40202
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Hospital Affiliations

  • University of Louisville Hospital
  • Norton Children’s Hospital

Our physicians are all boarded in adult psychiatry, as well as child and adolescent psychiatry. This sub-specialty training means the physician has the ability to monitor the child’s development, work with the family, work with the schools. Each physician approaches the child’s condition by integrating biomedical, psychological, and social perspectives in treating the whole child. Our psychologists are also fully certified and all have special training in child and adolescent psychology.

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