Multiple Myeloma

At the UofL Brown Cancer Center, we are at the forefront of discovering new, more effective multiple myeloma therapies. We're also leading the way toward advances in lowering the impact of the disease and its treatment on the body.

We have a team of experts focused on myeloma. As one of the few comprehensive programs in the country, we continue to work every day to find new therapies for myelomas, a challenging and complex group of cancers.

Our pathologists are specially trained to accurately diagnose and stage all types of myeloma, important for choosing the most effective treatment plan.

We offer a range of innovative treatment options, including targeted therapies, vaccines and radio-immunotherapy, as well as clinical trials for new and relapsed disease.

Many times, treatment for multiple myeloma may continue for extended periods, with repeated remissions and recurrences. For this reason, our teams of experts, including specially trained support professionals, forge close medical relationships with you to be sure you receive personal, customized care. This individualized attention gives you the best chance of a full and healthy life.

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